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Health & Medical

Our leading health law specialist heads a dedicated national team with high level expertise in both health and insurance law.

We understand all aspects health law and our mobile team of experienced lawyers will provide a consistent, reliable, timely and commercially responsible service.

We have vast experience:

  • representing Medical Defence Organisations and health professionals in complex malpractice claims and Coronial inquiries
  • acting in Administrative Law matters concerning the conduct of health professionals
  • acting in Administrative Law matters concerning regulation and registration under the National Law
  • employment and management issues in medical practices and hospitals

Gilchrist Connell also offers its clients a full service with respect to employment, accreditation, credentialing and training issues for health professionals.

How we add value

Our specialist health and medical defence team understands that there are specific challenges and expectations that must be met when dealing with claims against medical professionals.

For every claim, we:

  • recognise the serious impact that claims involving professional integrity and independence, impairment, and ethical behaviour can have on medical and health professionals; and
  • understand that health professionals expect participation, inclusion and connection in all dealings with their medical defence insurer and their insurer’s lawyers.

Our team is sensitive and accountable

The Gilchrist Connell specialist health team will assist your insureds in dealing with claims against them. We adopt an empathetic yet pragmatic and commercial approach to running and improving the claims process, with initiatives including early litigation plans, early identification of risk management issues, and managing insureds’ expectations.

We will:

  • demystify and manage the process compassionately
  • prioritise tasks and meet agreed deadlines
  • work to minimise disruptions to your insured’s professional lives.

Benefit from our experience

Each team member has a strong background in professional indemnity, liability and/or employment law.

Our clients tell us that in addition to our technical expertise, what differentiates Gilchrist Connell is our ability to build strong relationships, our flexibility and being easy to work with.

We have a strong record of focussing our service to deliver a swift outcome for our clients and their medical and health professional insureds.

Contact us for further information on how our team can do the same for you.