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Our highly experienced workplace team is equipped to help you handle your workplace claim in whichever industry or jurisdiction it occurs.

We will apply our deep expertise in employment practices liability and workplace law to achieve the best possible outcome.

We successfully manage and resolve the most emotionally charged and complex workplace claims in Australia, including unfair dismissal claims, sexual harassment complaints and general protections applications.

Resolving a claim or dispute requires more than just applying the law. Our team is highly skilled in quickly identifying the underlying organisational and emotional factors at play. This critical understanding allows us to help you effectively manage the stress and fallout of workplace disputes, and enables us to drive better outcomes.

Our method is effective and all-inclusive. We will demystify the process, then work quickly to resolve your matter in whichever court, tribunal or commission it may arise, with a minimum of fuss and with maximum efficiency. Our team’s experience spans all jurisdictions in this unique practice area, so wherever your dispute arises, we’ve almost certainly been there before and achieved a positive outcome.

Minimising the risks

We provide expert advice and risk mitigation solutions for the entire life cycle of any employment relationship. These include:

  • advice on implementing a fair dismissal
  • advice on modern awards and minimum employment standards
  • advice about managing ill and injured workers
  • drafting of employment agreements and employee incentive schemes
  • advice on making enterprise agreements

We also provide quick-response advice and urgent representation in disputes about restraints of trade or confidential information.

Our national workplace team has an excellent track record assisting employers avoid claims by providing comprehensive advice, resolving disputes for employers and insurers, and providing a tailored, commercial solution for every workplace situation.

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