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Commercial Litigation

Commercial disputes are widespread, but more than often complex. As such, they require expert advice and skillful management.

However, there is one factor common to almost every commercial dispute: they are about money. Using our commercial expertise and business sense, we unashamedly look to resolve every matter as early and effectively as possible, rarely proceeding to trial and only as an absolute last resort.

As our track record shows, across Australia, we successfully apply a range of dispute resolution skills and procedures to resolve the vast majority of matters long before they ever see the inside of a courtroom.

Major matters, high stakes

In the event that litigating to trial presents as the only or best course of action, our commercial litigation skills have been honed in the ring at the highest level with the highest stakes. The outcomes we have achieved for our clients include the following significant judgments:

  • Boensch v Pascoe [2019] HCA 49
  • Oz Minerals Holding Pty Ltd v AIG Australia [2015] VSC 185
  • Australian Executor Trustee Ltd v Provident Capital Ltd (2015) 107 ACSR 567

Shielding reputations

We have extensive experience in acting for insurers and / or their insured in high profile cases involving significant media attention and scrutiny. We effectively manage media interest to prevent or mitigate damage caused to the reputation of the insured and insurer brand.

Types of disputes our commercial disputes solicitors deal with:

  • Financial services disputes
  • Class actions
  • Property disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Defamation
  • Professional negligence disputes
  • Trustee disputes

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