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Pro Bono

We recognise the role private law can have in advancing the principle that everyone should have access to legal advice and as lawyers we should be working towards addressing fairness and equality.

Our lawyers are committed to a pro bono practice that is focused on the promotion of human dignity. Our policies and approaches are based on an ethical position.

As a signatory to the Australian Pro Bono Target, we ensure our lawyers have opportunities to use their legal skills to respond to unmet legal need.  We work with individuals facing disadvantage who are unable to obtain Legal Aid and support front line lawyers and organisations working in the public interest. These commitments form the basis of our pro bono response.

We collaborate with Legal Outreach Clinics to support individuals who are experiencing low income and various intersecting disadvantages. These include Baptist Care Homeless Legal Clinic, Adelaide, Mental Health Tribunal, Victoria and Marrickville Legal Centre, Sydney.

We are also focused on systemic reform support which sees our lawyers developing background research and legal analysis to support front line Community Legal Centres, not for profits and public interest organisations in their advocacy. We recognise the essential contribution these organisations make in identifying and addressing systemic injustice and structural unfairness and we are committed to supporting their legal and policy responses.

We have written extensively on various matters including coercive control, domestic violence, access to justice issues in family law and for culturally and linguistically diverse populations. We have also written on various rights issues impacting transgender communities.

We have represented individuals facing unfair evictions, elder abuse, employment litigation and have provided corporate legal advice to not-for-profit organisations that work in areas of public interest.

We have recently developed a stand-alone pro bono practice that has seen a nationalisation of our pro bono commitment and a marked increase in our results. As our Managing Principal, Richard Wood, noted “these results are a reflection of the firm’s commitment to meeting our professional responsibility in addressing access to justice and rights issues. In 2022 we have tripled our probono hours and in the last 6 months doubled our participation. As a signatory to the Australian Pro Bono Centre we expect to meet the Target hours next year.

Our Principal, Jilly Field, leads our pro bono practice. Jilly is on the board of Women’s Legal NSW, Community Legal Centres NSW and, after finishing her term on the Wear it Purple Board in 2022, remains an advocacy advisor for the organisation. The Pro Bono Team is supported by Pro Bono Champion Principals in each state.