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Our management of subrogated recoveries follows one simple, overriding principle: recover the most money for our clients in the least possible time and at the lowest possible cost.

From the moment we receive your assignment, that is our goal.

Accurate triage is critical. Upon receiving instructions we immediately evaluate the claim and figure out as quickly as possible whether:

  • there are any legitimate targets for recovery
  • those targets will be able to satisfy any judgment against them.

If the answer is ‘yes’ to both of those questions, then we will price all of your available recovery options. Sometimes we can assess a file as having no recovery prospect within hours of receiving instructions.

The advice you receive will be driven by rigorous cost benefit analysis. Where costs have the potential to outweigh any potential monetary benefit we will never recommend recovery to you.

Experienced and skilled recovery advice

  • We have significant experience in effectively managing the difficult issues around recovery of both insured and uninsured losses. Our suite of subrogation agreements can be tailored to fit the simplest home and contents recoveries through to multimillion dollar recoveries.
  • We know the importance of obtaining evidence early on from the insured, particularly when indemnity has yet to be granted and the insured is more willing, and required, to cooperate.
  • You will benefit from our relationships with tried and tested experts, including expert engineers from various specialities, building consultants, quantity surveyors and forensic accountants. Each will produce reliable expert evidence to support the recovery action.

Short tail motor recoveries

Unlike many other firms Gilchrist Connell has the appetite, capacity and IT systems to effectively run the relatively small, high volume claims that make up this portfolio.

Our dedicated specialist paralegal, Sam Mauriello, will oversee and manage your claims. Sam has 25 years of experience in subrogated motor vehicle recovery and liability claims work. He has a finely tuned commercial approach to resolving matters. Clients benefit from the knowledge and expertise Sam developed while managing recoveries and litigation for several insurers, including a National Claims Management Insurance Provider. He is able to manage high volume litigation and applies effective, value for money costing modules.

Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with your recoveries.