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Belinda Cohen

Chief People Officer, Melbourne Direct: +61 3 9611 8862

As the firm’s Chief People Officer, Belinda operates as a strategic business partner to improve the performance of the firm through its greatest asset being its people. An experienced organisational development and HR professional, Belinda brings legal and operational expertise to the execution of strategic and operational HR service delivery. Most importantly she supports the Principals in their daily work of reinforcing and retaining the unique culture that Gilchrist Connell is known for.

Prior to joining the firm, Belinda ran a successful HR consultancy working extensively for listed companies, professional services firms, insurance companies and organisations in the public and private sector. Known for her ability to bring clarity in the face of complexity, Belinda’s ‘sweet spot’ work is anything that involves strategy, performance improvement, organisational change, complex interpersonal communication, and the need for influence.

Belinda is a member of the firm’s executive team and brings a humanistic and compassionate approach to supporting the firm’s people whilst retaining a strong focus on the actions required to support the achievement of the firm’s strategic objectives.