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Builders Warranty

We conduct builders warranty work in all Australian jurisdictions from each of our five offices – providing both local jurisdictional expertise and the efficiencies of a streamlined specialist insurance firm.

Our team has extensive expertise in builders warranty claims, from the straightforward to highly complex multi-million dollar claims.

Benefit from our approach to builders warranty claims

We manage builders warranty claims quickly and efficiently; early accurate triage is critical. We will immediately assess notification and the identity and status of the builder, and swiftly evaluate our client’s rights and obligations under the policy – in particular, in relation to whether “make good” or payment is required.

An estimate of the likely costs of investigation set against the claimed amount, particularly where our client has the right to payment, often lends itself to an early, cost-effective resolution.

We will always seek to identify and price all appropriate options and make recommendations on indemnity, liability, reserving and claims strategy at the earliest opportunity.

Key builders warranty experience

  • A claim for over $2M relating to defects in third storey pool and miscellaneous water penetration issues into the roof and penthouse levels, in a Melbourne high rise apartment building (and rectification of the same).
  • A claim for between $2M and $3M for multiple defects in a large residential development in North Sydney.
  • A claim for over $2M relating to defects and cracking in the car park slab in a large mixed use residential-commercial development.
  • A complex claim in the NSW Court of Appeal involving the identity of the insured builder which had operated and licensed their/its registration through a myriad of entities over the course of the development and construction of a large residential development.
  • A claim for the defects arising under a domestic building contract relating to the transportation of an existing dwelling and its establishment at a new site.

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