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Cyber & IT

Cyber Incidents

The Gilchrist Connell cyber team, led by Principal Nitesh Patel has proven capability assisting and advising on all aspects of cyber incidents. This includes:

  • providing incident response services
  • assisting businesses recover from cyber incidents
  • complying with privacy and notification obligations
  • advising on policy coverage
  • developing new cyber products

Gilchrist Connell offers a 24/7 hotline service. In the event of a cyber incident, we provide a breach coach service and work with affected businesses to ensure the right steps are taken to minimise the impact of the incident by working with and coordinating a team of third party service providers (including forensic experts, forensic accounting and reputation management as required). We help affected businesses recover from incidents and take steps to enhance their resilience to further attacks.

Our cyber team’s deep insurance experience allows us to provide insurers and insureds with a holistic service extending to:

  • helping insureds consider and comply with relevant legislation, including privacy, mandatory reporting and notification obligations
  • assisting insureds respond to queries raised by regulators, including the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)
  • assisting insureds respond to complaints and requests made directly to them or the OAIC
  • considering and preparing for potential long tail risks, including from contractual obligations and third parties
  • assisting with the assessment of loss arising from an incident
  • considering potential cost recovery opportunities
  • advising on the specialist area of defamation (particularly on how to mitigate potential loss), which is a risk arising from particular incidents.

We have also advised various insurers, including several large American insurers and various Lloyd’s syndicates, on all aspects of cyber risk and cyber policy wording for standalone policies and extensions.

Information Technology

Our specialist IT team has for many years been providing coverage advice to insurers and acting in the defence of claims against:

  • IT service providers, including web and cloud hosting service providers
  • designers, manufacturers and suppliers of IT and telecommunications equipment
  • designers, developers and manufacturers of advanced radar and communications solutions for civil and military applications
  • software and systems designers in the banking, retail, government and medical industries

Our team has experience advising on claims of all sizes arising from allegations of:

  • defects and deficiencies in products and services
  • failures to supply products and services
  • breaches of warranties and obligations as to minimum service standards, security and data protection
  • the infringement of intellectual property, violation of a person’s right of privacy, libel, slander or other forms of defamation
  • loss and damage arising from the need to recall and regain possession of IT products

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