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For Compulsory Third Party advice and assistance, our highly credentialed experts can assist you.

Proven results in CTP claims

Our team has a long history of successful outcomes in CTP claims both by way of trial and by terms of settlement. Many significant claims have been resolved for modest amounts without the necessity for litigation on even catastrophic claims or claims involving difficult liability and quantum issues. Numerous decisions obtained by our team are now industry test cases.

Outstanding claims outcomes we have achieved for insurer clients include multi-million dollar savings on claims reserves for CTP claims, and we appreciate the many testimonials we have received from claims managers acknowledging the value of our work.

Our expertise

We are equipped and experienced to deal with the wider issues faced by CTP insurers such as:

  • Recovery actions from road authorities
  • Nominal Defendant claims
  • Pursuing contributions from manufacturers and suppliers of defective products
  • Circumstances involving the inadequate maintenance of vehicles
  • Contributions from workers compensation insurers
  • Dual insurance issues
  • Fraudulent claims
  • Off-road accidents

Our specialised and streamlined approach to claims

Our team is outcome focussed when it comes to claims management. Our national specialist insurance presence, combined with our unity of approach and experience, gives us an edge that will deliver cost efficiencies, value, and whole-of-business benefits. Solutions and innovations developed in one jurisdiction are applied across all of our offices so all clients benefit from leading, streamlined and effective services throughout Australia.

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